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Fluid Technology Solutions

Market Segment: Unknown
Linkedin: Fluid Technology Solutions LinkedIn Company Profile
Estimated Revenue: $10M
Estimated Employees: 11
Address: 2482 Ferry St, Albany OR
Description: Water scarcity and water quality are global issues and FTS H2O is helping the world make improvements in two key areas. Our advanced membrane technologies help industrial customers recover higher volumes of clean water for reuse with less energy demand. Our osmotic hydration products offer lifesaving, drinkable water for humanitarian, rescue, and military needs. The FTS team are pioneers in the Forward Osmosis (FO) technology field, and have commercialized FO and the related Osmotically Assisted RO (OARO) technology for industrial use. These core technologies, together with innovative process design and complimentary pre-treatment and post-treatment technologies, are bringing water recovery, zero liquid discharge (ZLD), salt concentration, and minerals purification to new markets and applications. Collaborate with FTS H2O on your next water reuse, brine concentration, or nutrient recovery project and boost your ROI in water.
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