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Market Segment: Financial Payments Management Platform
Linkedin: FinPay LinkedIn Company Profile
Estimated Revenue: $10M
Estimated Employees: 11
Address: Henderson Rd, King of Prussia PA
Description: FinPay, LLC provides Patient Financial Management Solutions to assist healthcare providers in their strategy to manage the $400 billion in patient out-of-pocket medical expenses that has caused a massive spike in bad debt and lost revenue to providers nationwide. The continuing shift of financial responsibility to the patient for the cost of healthcare has forced healthcare providers to rethink their Patient Financial Management strategy. FinPay's solution provides: 1. Financial Clearance Policies that target and segment patients that pose a high financial risk to the provider and customized work flow for these high risk patients. 2. Patient engagement at the point of care to educate patients about their financial obligations and to manage patient expectations on the billing and claims process. 3. An automated payments platform that offers patients more alternatives for payment. Our platform automates patient installment plans and consumer non-recourse medical loans, in addition to processing of traditional payment methods like credit/debit/HSA cards and checks. 4. Compliance tools so providers are compliant with federal and state consumer protection laws. FinPay's mission is to provide a patient financial experience that mirrors the high quality clinical care experienced by most patients. At the core of our programs is a change in conversation at the point-of-care. A conversation that starts with helping the patient understand their financial obligations. A conversation that simplifies the process by giving patients what they want, more options to fit their household budget and more transparency. A conversation that results in facilitating a payment program they can afford, and more importantly, one they have the best chance of actually paying.
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