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Competitive Energy Services

Market Segment: Independent Energy Solution
Linkedin: Competitive Energy Services LinkedIn Company Profile
Estimated Revenue: $50M
Estimated Employees: 11
Address: 148 Middle Street, Portland ME
Description: Founded in 2000 by career energy professionals, Competitive Energy Services, LLC (CES) has been on the forefront of energy procurement since the advent of deregulation. Today, CES offers a broad variety of strategic energy management services which are unparalleled in the marketplace, including solar PV, net metering, cogeneration, demand response, fuel arbitrage, multi-fuel strategies, and demand management. Serving a diverse portfolio of clients from Atlantic Canada to California with energy and utility expenditures in excess of $2.0 billion, CES advises clients from every sector on the full range of energy market issues. This diversity of experience enables us to spot trends and cross-pollinate ideas more quickly than a traditional “brokerage” company. We offer the creativity and nimbleness of a boutique firm and the experience of thousands of energy market transactions. CES does not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Each of our clients have different needs, goals and logistical requirements, and understanding these unique factors is at the foundation of our approach to energy management. Through partnership, we assess each aspect of the total picture, and it is from this base of understanding that we build each individual strategy. CES also brings a level of independence that many of our competitors are not able to offer. As a privately held firm with no affiliate relationships, we are always 100% commodity, supplier, and technology neutral, and put the interest of our clients first and foremost in the process. We are essential to the success of our clients, and have built our reputation on our unmatched experience, communication, and innovative thinking.
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