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Caliber Security

Market Segment: Information Security Service
Linkedin: Caliber Security LinkedIn Company Profile
Estimated Revenue: $10M
Estimated Employees: 11
Address: 2920 Colby Ave, Everett WA
Description: Caliber is built to be a full-service information security company, with a wide range of security services for clients with varying levels of security maturity. We formed our company with this structure, as it’s the best way to provide greater, meaningful value over time, than if we were just focused on doing one or two services. We value long-term partnerships, and relationships are more important to us than big, one-time sales. What really makes us stand out is not what we do, but rather how we do it. Our business approach mainly stems from Tab’s philosophy for life – hard work, honesty, and dependability. Taking care of people’s needs by doing things the right way, and not just the easy way, makes us uncommon in the industry. Whether it’s our flexible service offering, our speed of delivery, our quality for the price, our actionable and relevant reporting, or any of the many other things we do, one thing you will notice is that we are different than other offerings out there. For us, it’s not only about getting things done; it’s about getting things done right, to take care of our customer’s long-term engagements. Over the years, we’ve delivered outstanding work to Fortune 500 clients, who resolutely choose us again year after year. Yet while we service some of the larger companies out there, we are still the perfect choice for businesses that don’t have giant budgets. We are flexible, pliable, and adaptive to different organizations and teams. We work closely with our clients to find solutions that meet their particular needs. Our success is based on our two most important metrics: how much can we help our clients and how much added value can we provide for their information security needs. When someone chooses Caliber, rest assured they will receive our best effort to make them feel confident, satisfied, and relieved that we have their back and are there to help guide them to long-term success.
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