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Big Zeta

Market Segment: Unknown
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Estimated Employees: 51
Address: 950 W Bannock St, Boise ID
Description: Electronics companies want engineers to find the right product fast. With only a minute or two to attract and keep an engineer’s attention as they move through the design process, the right mix of design, content, data and transactions, along with search engines and design tools, all come together to create the optimal electronics digital presence. It’s not like electronics companies purposefully make it difficult to find a part on their website, but so many manage to do just that, even though electronics engineers increasingly have less time, larger workloads, and less patience in trying to find parts on difficult to use product pages. This is where Big Zeta comes in. Big Zeta strives to take the complexity out of part finding on electronic supplier and distributor websites. Our digital presence offerings, electronics-tailored search engines, design tools and custom dev projects are used by some of the biggest electronics distributors and suppliers in the industry. We know what works, and our teams have decades of electronics experience turning digital strategies into reality.
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