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Critical Links

Market Segment: School eLearning Infrastructure
Linkedin: Critical Links LinkedIn Company Profile
Estimated Revenue: $10M
Estimated Employees: 11
Address: 103 Carnegie Center, Princeton NJ
Description: Critical Links started life as a division of global technology leader Critical Software in 2006, with a vision to provide powerful yet easy-to-use integrated technology platforms. This mission began with the award-winning edgeBOX unified communications platform and continues today in our flagship offering, the C3 Micro-Cloud solution for education. Critical Links is a pioneer in delivering innovative e-Learning infrastructure for the next generation of schools, especially in challenging environments. Nowhere is the ‘digital divide’ more evident than in education, particularly in emerging countries where infrastructure and connectivity are still precious resources. In these regions, even if students have access to PCs and tablets, they are too often cut off from the internet and cloud-based learning resources enjoyed by the more developed world due to lack of regular or robust connectivity, or other infrastructure limitations such as power outages and fluctuations. To address this, Critical Links has joined industry leaders like Intel, Microsoft and others, in creating an e-Learning architecture to drive global learning on a local scale, even in low-connectivity environments. The C3 Micro-Cloud is a completely self-contained and cloud-enabled e-Learning environment that allows students access to cloud-based learning management systems, curriculum, content, and resources – even if the school has no connectivity or power. Most importantly, hundreds or even thousands of C3 micro-clouds can be managed and administered from a single, centralized point, allowing the distribution of uniform curriculum and content, enabling automated system updates and features, and ensuring the security and control needed in today’s connected world. #connectingstudentstoknowledge
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