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Valiance Partners

Market Segment: Digital Transformation Solution
Linkedin: Valiance Partners LinkedIn Company Profile
Estimated Revenue: $10M
Estimated Employees: 50
Address: 110 Allen Rd, Bernardsville NJ
Description: Valiance Partners is the expert in critical life science content and data migrations when compliance and accuracy are at stake. As data migrations specialists, we bring an unparalleled knowledge of regulations, business processes and precision to every client engagement. Valiance understands the complexity of regulated migration tasks, especially in the HA industries. Our expertise – combined with our proven Migration InSight methodology and purpose-built TRUseries migration and migration testing software – allows us to offer the most comprehensive migration and archiving solutions on the market today. We deliver 100% data verification and make the data migration process as predictable and painless as possible. Valiance has managed more than 500 migrations for over 105 companies, including the world’s leading pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology brands.
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