Business Profile

Stevens Water Monitoring Systems

Market Segment: Hydrological Monitoring Solution
Linkedin: Stevens Water Monitoring Systems LinkedIn Company Profile
Estimated Revenue: $10M
Estimated Employees: 11
Address: 067 NE Glenn Widing Drive, Portland OR
Description: Stevens Water Monitoring Systems designs and manufactures sensors, data loggers, radios, and cloud-based data management software that are incorporated into a system / network for long-term monitoring, collection and data analysis of water, soil, weather, and related environmental conditions. Stevens' core technology enables measurement of water level, water quality, groundwater, soil, and weather conditions. Stevens’ new technology and innovations embracing the power of cloud computing data acquisition and remote internet of things by directly linking the sensors measurement to data online. This is Measurements to Mind (M2M) - what the sensors Measure the Mind sees. Stevens also provides certified radios designed for transmission of environmental data. These radios include short-range Bluetooth technology, Wi-Fi module, BLE, cell modem for CDMA and GSM / GPRS, and long-range GEO (GOES) and LEO satellite (Inmarsat / Irridium) communications radios.
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