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Market Segment: Automated Care Path Solution
Linkedin: SelfHelpWorks LinkedIn Company Profile
Estimated Revenue: $1M
Estimated Employees: 11
Address: 2727 Camino del Rio South, San Diego CA
Description: Established in 1999, SelfHelpWorks is the leading provider of online video-based cognitive interventions to reduce population health risk. The evidence-based interventions are designed to eliminate unhealthy behaviors that cause chronic disease. Delivered digitally, they provide an engaging simulated "live" user experience based on live courses taught by certified instructors for almost two decades. They are primarily offered by corporate wellness programs, health plans and health/wellness providers. The interventions consist of pre-recorded video training/coaching delivered by experts in their field, supported by interactive quizzes and other tools designed to increase engagement and mindfulness. Interventions are currently available for smoking/tobacco, weight/unhealthy eating, inactivity, stress and resiliency, alcohol, sleep and diabetes. The interventions are an ideal adjunct or alternative to live or telephonic coaching, and can be quickly and easily scaled across multiple locations. Detailed reporting and live user support are available at no cost. The evidence-based interventions are curriculum-driven, just like an e-university course. The interactive online video-based format and our PersonalCoach™ software work in harmony to deliver a user-friendly, empowering, personalized coaching experience. Participants can log on 24/7 from virtually anywhere including the privacy and comfort of home or office. All that's needed is Internet access via a computer, tablet or smartphone. All SelfHelpWorks interventions employ a cognitive behavioral training approach derived from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) that is designed to create lasting behavioral change. The reality is that unless you employ behavior change solutions that change a person’s mindset and thought patterns, their unhealthy habits usually keep coming back.
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