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Market Segment: Urban Digitalization Solution
Linkedin: Quantela LinkedIn Company Profile
Estimated Revenue: $50M
Estimated Employees: 51
Address: 85 Rangeway Road, Milpitas MA
Description: Headquartered in the USA, with a presence in Europe and Asia, Quantela is the leading and first of its kind Outcomes-as-a-Service (OaaS) company in the space of urban infrastructure digitization that makes cities more liveable, operationally efficient, resilient and environmentally sustainable for its citizens. It does so by helping city administrators with its citizen centric AI-powered products delivering quantifiable outcomes with social, economic and environmental impact. These include public safety, making traffic congestion-free, the environment cleaner, improving delivery of public services as well helping cities improve their finances through cost savings and increase in revenue generated. Quantela is a pioneer in using ‘outcome-based financing models’ to unlock the economic value of cities it engages with. The company has over 100 smart city deployments around the globe. Among its accolades include winning the World Economic Forum's 'Technology Pioneers' award in 2019 and CRN’s IoT Innovators Award in 2020.
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