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Market Segment: IT & Cloud Solution
Linkedin: LPA LinkedIn Company Profile
Estimated Revenue: $10M
Estimated Employees: 15
Address: 400 Linden Oaks Ste 140, Rochester NY
Description: LPA Software Solutions provides consulting and professional services for AI, Business Intelligence (BI), Location intelligence, Predictive Analytics, IoT, Geomapping, data prep, and data cleansing. We are one of a few distinguished IBM Platinum Business Partners, assisting clients with software and services for Cognos Analytics, Planning Analytics for Financial Performance Management, Location Analytics, and IBM SPSS for Predictive Analytics. We are a premier Pitney Bowes Business Partner. LPA helps organizations harness the power of data and information by developing solutions that ease the acquisition, sharing, and flow of data across the enterprise. Our solutions help take the guesswork out of decision-making by arming executives, managers, and end-users with the insights they need to make fact-based assessments. Effectively, we help companies make faster and more accurate decisions based on exactly what they need to know. LPA consultants average 10-plus years of Analytics experience. Our consultants have a superior ability to communicate with corporate executives and leave the conversation with a full understanding of each company’s unique business requirements. With their unparalleled knowledge base and thorough understanding of each client’s needs, LPA consultants are able to effectively integrate themselves into a client’s environment for the duration of the project and handle any unexpected issues with minimal interruption to the final project. LPA Software Solutions is headquartered in Rochester, NY. LPA also has offices in Houston, TX; Dallas, TX; Charlotte, NC; Boston, MA; and Cleveland, OH. If you wish to join the LPA team, please visit our website for a list of openings and application procedures.
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