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Health Plan Advocate

Market Segment: Employers' Benefits Solution
Linkedin: Health Plan Advocate LinkedIn Company Profile
Estimated Revenue: $1M
Estimated Employees: 11
Address: 1550 East Beltline Avenue Southeast, Wisconsin Rapids MI
Description: Health Plan Advocate is a Michigan-based company that provides health management, pharmacy savings, and comprehensive wellness services throughout the United States. We serve a variety of clients including manufacturing, engineering/architecture, religious, government, health care organizations, union groups, and many more. 65% of our clients are self-funded with 35% being fully insured. Our corporate wellness participation rates are double the national average at 80%. Our services include: • On-site Biometric Screening • Health Risk Appraisals • On-site & Telephonic Health Coaching • Online web portal • Educational Seminars, Nicotine Cessation, Weight Management Classes • Challenges & Onsite Fitness Classes • Disease Management • Pre-certification and Utilization Management • Case Management • Nurse Advocacy • Fee Negotiations
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