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Good&Co Labs

Market Segment: Soft-Skills Assessment Solution
Linkedin: Good&Co Labs LinkedIn Company Profile
Estimated Revenue: $10M
Estimated Employees: 15
Address: 236 Ritch St, San Francisco CA
Description: Improve team communication and productivity by filtering candidates to fit, balance, and improve your team with our Good&Co Pro assessment tool. Contact us today for a free demo! Inspired by a dream job that turned out to be a nightmare, our founder Samar Birwadker started Good&Co from his couch. Now we have offices and diversely-talented employees across the globe, rooted in the tech-buzzed SoMa neighborhood of San Francisco. Good&Co is helping companies hire people to fit, balance, and grow their teams for boosted productivity, happier workplaces, and reduced turnover. On the flip side, we’re here to empower people with insight about their personality and skills to make better, more informed career decisions. We firmly believe that when you find the right fit, work can—and should—feel like play. We’re backed by Germany’s largest job board, our parent company, StepStone. (When it comes to helping people find careers, they know their stuff!) With their support, and the 70+ unique personalities of our team, we’re working hard to spark a culture that’s highly creative, supportive, and collaborative while continuing to build solutions to make work suck less for...well, everyone. Good&Co has already helped nearly 3 million users discover their unique skills and strengths through quantified psychometric insights! Since we’re supporting self awareness, we’re helping companies discover and hire for their culture, too. Good&Co Pro, our enterprise solution benefits companies every day by filtering candidates in recruiting and team building—and we’re always adding updates and new features. Transform workplace happiness with us! Check your fit with Good&Co! – Good&Co Labs, Inc. © 2018
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