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Market Segment: Brain Exercise Programs
Linkedin: Dakim LinkedIn Company Profile
Estimated Revenue: $10M
Estimated Employees: 11
Address: 2121 Cloverfield Boulevard, Los Angeles CA
Description: Dakim Inc. is the leading provider of clinically proven brain exercise programs to the senior living industry, providing scientifically-based cognitive stimulation to help people significantly improve and maintain cognitive performance as they age. Dakim's award-winning program, Dakim BrainFitness, has been shown in a peer-reviewed clinical trial (American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, July 2013) to significantly improve memory (immediate and delayed) and language skills, as it strengthens attention, focus, and concentration. Dakim BrainFitness employs a structured, comprehensive brain-training protocol that cross-trains the brain with highly engaging multimedia exercises in six essential cognitive domains in every session. Dakim's patented NuroLogic™ technology acts like a personal trainer for the brain, selecting the appropriate exercise from each cognitive domain and precisely adjusting the level of challenge, in real time, to match the user's ability, to provide the maximum effectiveness in each session. Best of all Dakim's exercises, presented in a 20-25 minute game show format, are truly fun as well as therapeutically effective, to encourage long-term use. The Dakim BrainFitness program is available as a turnkey, touchscreen-based system that is the #1 brand of brain fitness in senior living communities in North America; a professional software edition used by healthcare professionals to help combat age-related cognitive decline, and deficits caused by stroke or traumatic brain injury; and as a consumer software version for home use. In Q2, Dakim plans to debut a web-based subscription service targeted to Boomers to help them achieve peak cognitive performance and keep their minds sharp. Dakim BrainFitness is the only evidence-based cognition program approved by the U.S. Administration on Aging.
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