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Common Thread Collective

Market Segment: Business Advertising Service
Linkedin: Common Thread Collective LinkedIn Company Profile
Estimated Revenue: $10M
Estimated Employees: 51
Address: 3011 South Croddy Way, Santa Ana CA
Description: Common Thread Collective is an eCommerce growth agency that exists to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. That’s been our mission statement since day one. We guide brands to scale beyond $2M-$30M in annual revenue — across visitors, conversion rate, and lifetime value — by leveraging our formula: (Visitors x Conversion Rate x LTV) - Variable Costs = $ Profit. With an emphasis on strategy, our approach is thoughtful, tactical, and curated to meet each brand at the stage in their journey, especially direct-to-consumer businesses. As entrepreneurs ourselves growing businesses, we uniquely empathize with our clients. Alongside the agency, we build and launch our own brands — currently operating three DTC businesses — which gives us a frontline playbook to bring learnings to our clients. We know what it’s like to run a business; we know what it’s like to watch something grow and thrive against the odds. The “common thread” we found between successful entrepreneurs is the strength of their dreams. With teams dedicated to growing and scaling brands — across paid media to operations to full-service planning — we’re in the business of making dreams a reality. What’s a dream? Every entrepreneur has a dream. Whether it’s to fundamentally transform the world or simply turn a profit this quarter, success in business is driven by dreams. The strength of our dreams binds together successful entrepreneurs — they’re the “common thread” that unites us.
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