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Carbon Lighthouse

Market Segment: Energy Efficiency Optimization Service
Linkedin: Carbon Lighthouse LinkedIn Company Profile
Estimated Revenue: $10M
Estimated Employees: 51
Address: 343 Sansome Street, San Francisco CA
Description: Carbon Lighthouse is on a mission to stop climate change by delivering profitable climate solutions for commercial real estate portfolios. Its unique Energy Savings-as-a-Service model and patented AI software platform CLUES® turn wasted energy into guaranteed financial value, operational excellence and measurable climate impact for clients. CLUES has analyzed more than 100MM square feet of commercial real estate and 5 billion points of building energy data, to deliver portfolio-wide value and more than $250 million in savings for clients like Goldman Sachs, Tesla, Hawaiian Airlines, L&B, The Carlyle Group, The Moinian Group, and AEW. The Carbon Lighthouse Association - our associated non-profit - helps companies and individuals offset CO2 emissions by purchasing carbon emissions credits, removing the inventory of credits used by the fossil fuel industry and other large polluters. With 40% of U.S. CO2 emissions contributed by the built environment, Carbon Lighthouse homed in on existing buildings to achieve our mission. Our Energy Savings-as-a-Service model and CLUES platform tap into a building’s Efficiency Reserves - or wasted energy - to uncover hidden energy efficiency opportunities via never-before-accessed energy data from buildings to deliver highly accurate energy savings predictions. Developed and used by our engineers, the depth and accuracy of CLUES enable us to guarantee energy savings to our clients (backstopped by Hartford Steam Boiler, a global leader in equipment insurance and part of Munich Re). If we come under, we write our clients a check. We highly value question asking, getting it done, integrity, and teamwork. We appreciate work-life balance, prize transparency, communication and professionalism, strive for dynamism and innovation, and support professional development. We respect and listen to our partners and empower them to be effective. Collectively, we provide excellent and friendly service to our clients and to serve the environment.
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