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Cannella Response Television

Market Segment: Digital Marketing & Consulting Service
Linkedin: Cannella Response Television LinkedIn Company Profile
Estimated Revenue: $50M
Estimated Employees: 51
Address: Liberty Drive, Burlington WI
Description: Cannella Media DTC is a video media agency that is focused on results. We place efficient, responsive video advertising across all platforms to reach your audience where, when, and how they consume content. With over 30 years of experience and more than $5 billion of purchased video media, we’re working with marketers to build brands through smart, transparent and efficient video placement. Through traditional linear, Advanced TV (ATV) and CPA inventory, we cost effectively deliver against a variety of KPI targets for direct to consumer initiatives. We provide cross-channel media planning, buying, creative and campaign management services, as well as privileged access to our proprietary CPA platform and ATV PMP for all media lengths – short form, mid form and long form – and business objectives.
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