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American Wire Group

Market Segment: Electrical Materials Supplier & Distributor
Linkedin: American Wire Group LinkedIn Company Profile
Estimated Revenue: $10M
Estimated Employees: 11
Address: 2980 NE 207th St, Miami FL
Description: AWG specializes in Cable for Wind Farms and Electric Utilities. We offer a complete line for Collection System Underground Cables in 15KV- 35 KV TR-XLPE or EPR, Overhead Bare Aluminum Transmission and Distribution conductors (ACSR, AAAC, and AAC), industrial power cables, Bare Copper Conductor, Copperclad steel, Static Wire, Alumoclad, Substation Control Cables, and Communications conductor. Please find our attached catalog for our full breadth of products. AWG lowers your total project material costs for electrical wire and cable. All companies are being challenged today to reduce cost, increase quality, and increase customer satisfaction. AWG focuses on maintaining your competitive edge and lowering your exposure to volatile materials prices. AWG is an established, recognized industry leader. Having served electric utilities for over 50 years and the Wind Energy industry since its inception, AWG is committed exclusively to our customers in these industries. We can respond in hours, not days, in the aftermath of emergencies. We offer supply chain optimization solutions that drive waste out and keep costs down. And we meet the changing needs of our industry with developing new products like Towerguard CCA 2kV DLO to carry power from the Nacelle through the tower to the setup transformer at the base of the tower and weighs and costs approximately 65% of conventional DLO cable.
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