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Amare Global

Market Segment: Holistic Mental Wellness Platform
Linkedin: Amare Global LinkedIn Company Profile
Estimated Revenue: $10M
Estimated Employees: 11
Address: 17872 Gillette Ave, Irvine CA
Description: Amare Global creates a holistic mental wellness platform that connects a purpose-driven community of passionate people. Our vision is to lead the mental wellness revolution. Founder and CEO of Amare Global, Hiep Tran, began his entrepreneurial journey at 23 when he decided that medical school was not for him. He started working for a payments processing company. “For the next 5 years, I surrounded myself with the most successful people I knew, in order to grow and learn from them. Eventually that payments company I was working for was sold. I reached an important crossroads: stay comfortable in my current position or build something for myself. In 2008, together with a partner, we invested all of our savings and co-founded a new company: Meritus Payment Solutions. We started from humble beginnings with five employees in 2008 and surged to over 100 employees by 2014 when we were acquired by Optimal Payments. During those 6 years, I fell in love with helping people achieve their own life-changing success. However, work always came first, family second, and personal health a distant third. I took my health for granted until the consequences became real. Thankfully, I pulled through instead of succumbing to these challenges. I channeled the experience positively, to change my life and learn as much as I could about health and nutrition. The result was a newfound passion.” Thus, Amare Global was created. We focus on the excellence and integrity throughout our product development, people development, and the customer experience. Ultimately, we strive to create products that will inspire people to become better versions of themselves. Amare means "To Love" in Latin and we believe in promoting Love for one's self, as well as a powerful connection with others. By empowering people to connect through our innovative products and platform, we will grow together and reach beyond our limits.
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