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Ad Lightning

Market Segment: Ad Blocking Solution
Linkedin: Ad Lightning LinkedIn Company Profile
Estimated Revenue: $1M
Estimated Employees: 11
Address: 1525 4th Avenue, Seattle WA
Description: Ad Lightning gives publishers and ad exchanges the tools they need to not just monitor and audit their programmatic ads, but to identify the source & block the bad ones—setting a new standard for accountability & protection that our industry desperately needs. Ad Lightning's complete set of Ad Quality tools save time, improve page performance and eliminate costly user experience problems for Publishers and Ad Platforms. Our proprietary technology and customizable scoring methodology assesses the overall quality of the ads on a site and instantly alerts users of performance, compliance or malicious issues caused by their advertisements. Detailed, ad level data indicates what ads should be removed and automatically communicates actionable information to network partners. APIs also allow for easy plug-and-play into third party systems.
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