Innovative EdTech Sales Strategies to Close 2x More Deals

Every Education Technology (EdTech) salesman wants to pass their goals and increase their sales numbers to close even more sales. Nevertheless, as you probably know, this does not just happen. Closing even more sales means being strategic and using out-of-the-box thinking. In this quick-paced, modern world, with more access to information than ever before (thanks to Google), an effective sales strategy will work if it aligns to the buyer’s journey of buying at the right time, with the right information.

Here are several sales strategies to help you close even more deals for your Education Technology business:

Understand your Buyer’s Journey

It cannot be stressed enough: one of the best ways to raise your sales rates is to sell the way your potential customer wants to buy. In order to do that, you need to understand where in the Buyer’s Journey your leads are and approach them appropriately. The three phases of the buyer’s journey and ways to use each are:

Awareness Phase: In this phase, your leads want to identify their troubles and difficulties. They might have signed up for your enewsletter or have given their contact information in exchange for free content. Your job in this phase is to connect to these new leads, help them figure out their issues, and establish that they are qualified leads— you want to focus on leads who might be in need of your Education Technology firm’s services. You can then connect with these qualified leads on a regular basis to inform them with interesting content.

Consideration Phase: In the consideration phase, potential customers have identified their troubles and are looking for services. It is critical to keep in mind that the potential customer in this phase is not looking for a particular service. Instead, they are looking at various options for solutions and want to make a decision. At this phase, you are connecting to leads that are energetic on the buyer’s journey. They’ve shown this by taking a trackable action online, like opening up a Lead Nurturing Email or downloading free content. You are likely striking up exploratory conversations with the leads to get a better understanding of their objectives, difficulties, and the services they have considered. With this information you get, you can recommend your leads with info that they can’t simply find online, building trust with them.

Decision Phase: This is the phase in the buyer’s journey were your leads have decided on their preferred service. They are looking into specific Education Technology solutions based on the information they have found. This phase is where you can discover their specific obstacles and situations and craft a presentation to show how your service can help them. Your leads typically aren’t just looking for basic features of your product. They are interested in a tailored pitch showing exactly how your Education Technology (EdTech) firm’s options are better than other options.

Complete understanding of your ideal customers Buyer’s Journey is great for preparing individualized, customer-centered methods for all of your leads in a way that will help them feel special.

Concentrate on being the solution

Identifying the Buyer’s Journey can help you understand the types of buyers you have. Knowing the differentiators between their obstacles, responsibilities, and goals is important to show how your services can help them. This description is called a Buyer Persona. Let’s say that your Buyer Persona “Private Practitioner Peter” is thinking about getting practice management software. Your persona’s primary priorities are probably to save time, be more effective, and get more done. Therefore, it wouldn’t matter to him if your software had a shiny interface or fancy fonts. So, when crafting your sales pitch, blogs, or infographics, don’t spend too much time talking about the specific features of your service or product. Instead, think of your prospect’s issues and how your remedy can solve it and craft content around that. Think of selling from the inside out and not the other way around.

Create evergreen content to go over the traditional topics that will help position you as a reliable source to your buyer personas. Regularly post blogs, infographics, ebooks, and more to develop trust and bring you even more ways to engage with your leads.

Send out lead nurturing emails

You know it’s important to keep your leads engaged, whether they’ve just given their contact information or have connected with the email list for the first time. To effectively engage your leads, you can send Lead Nurturing Emails are targeted for all of your Buyer Personas. These email containing content like relevant blogs or useful videos that your potential customers might find helpful. It’s crucial that you write creative subject lines that will help capture their interest and entice them to open the mail and click the CTA to find out more.

Use case studies

No matter how much info you give, many potential customers will still want proof that you can provide what you say. Case studies are a great way to confirm the return on investment (ROI) that your services or products can offer buyers. Demonstrate how your Education Technology firms’ remedies helped a business in the same sector get their desired outcomes. As soon as you win in your leads’ minds, the sale will be a piece of cake.

Maintain premium pricing

Many leads are actually worried about the prices of your product or services. What they are truly worried about is the value you offer and the end results. So, if you reduce your rates, they might stop taking you as seriously. For that reason, keep your premium costs the same to show people your Education Technology remedies are worth it. This is particularly crucial when your premium offers require a significant financial investment.

Meet decision makers in person

You know how to leverage content, strategically email, and make strategies selling to customers. But, you should also think about taking the initiative to meet them outside of just a phone call or email to develop a strong connection and enhance your chances of making a sale. If you have to drive a couple hours, take a train, or move around your schedule, do your best to meet with decision makers in person.

The last word

For a long time, salespeople were the only resource that a potential customers had for making buying choices. But today, there is not a single piece of information that can’t be found online. This is where the Inbound Sales Methodology can be helpful. As we have discussed, an Inbound salesperson not only supplies informative content related to the potential customer’s needs and connects with them on an individual basis.

It can be tough to do this alone. We at Responsify work with Education Technology sales and business development pros to offer strategy, support, and help executing these tasks. By partnering, we’ve helped marketing and salespeople bring in new site visitors, convert them to leads, and then satisfied clients.

We’ve helped lots of sales pros Integrate Inbound right into their existing sales processes. Don’t hesitate to book a free strategy session to help you find ways to close even more sales!

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