4 EdTech Infographics to Share with Your Customers

Distributing valuable and informative content like EdTech infographics can be useful for Ed Tech marketers. Infographics can help convey visualize information to customers. Use these infographics to show Ed Tech’s value!


Take a look at these three engaging EdTech infographics we found for you to share with your customers!



EdTech Trends Changing the K-12 Landscape for Ed Tech Marketers

Source: http://elearninginfographics.com
This infographic states the three main trends in the Ed Tech industry and why they are growing. This infographic can help educate your customers by highlighting the benefits in new Ed tech trends. Parents can be reassured about the use of new educational technologies. This EdTech infographic reassures administrators that professionals have tested and approved new Ed Tech tools.


Join the EdTech Revolution for Ed Tech Marketers

Source: https://www.iste.org/
The ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) released this EdTech infographic. This is a reliable source to win over potential customers or investors. It displays all the statistics your company needs to raise awareness on the shift to digital learning in classrooms.


Ed Tech: It isn't optional, it's essential

Source: https://www.graphite.org/
This infographic shows obstacles that keep schools and teachers from investing in Ed Tech. Seeing these obstacles can help you improve your value proposition. This is another EdTech infographic that helps teachers convincing administrators to invest in your tech.


Components of a 21st Century Classroom for Ed Tech Marketers

Source: http://www.opencolleges.edu.au/
This infographic shows all the digital tools available for modern classrooms. (Be careful when publishing this infographic because of its horizontal format. Make sure it displays well on any device so it remains useful for your customers.)


If you’d like to learn how to develop a plan to leverage content for your EdTech company, check out this post!

National Education Technology Plan for Marketers

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