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Gold Group Enterprises

Market Segment: Healthcare, Enterprise, and Creative Media Solution
Linkedin: Gold Group Enterprises LinkedIn Company Profile
Estimated Revenue: $10M
Estimated Employees: 11
Address: 621 Lake Avenue, Asbury Park NJ
Description: Founded in 2004, Gold Group has continually led the way in behavioral technology research and development for the field of digital-to-human persuasion and motivation. With a focus on the potential of new and emerging mobile communications technologies, Gold Group develops solutions designed to better engage, transact, and reward consumers in-the-moment. Our Divisions: GoMo Health®: A leader in personalized health care, specializing in designing and implementing solutions for high-cost and high-risk managed long term care. Our solutions utilize “in-the-moment” engagement; strategically connecting providers, plans, consumers, content and mobile technology. Gold Enterprise Solutions: These are the workers in the engine room. Our Enterprise Solutions division creates the customized platforms upon which our software solutions hum. They approach every project with the goal of creating unique user experiences that build and benefit the consumer’s relationship with your brand. 24K Creative: The advertising and marketing arm of Gold Group. We are an ever-evolving whirling dervish of innovation and ideas spun strategically in-control and primed to take you on a wildly successful ride. We create campaigns that work across multiple mediums, including the watercooler. The GoMo Platform: Gold Group’s roots dig deep into commerce & engagement solutions. Our scalable, cloud-based GoMo platform and dedicated team of engagement experts can help simplify transactions and connect with your audience in-the-moment to help consumers make faster decisions, and ultimately more purchases. Enhance and enrich your marketing efforts with device-agnostic campaigns that deliver content effectively, improve the brand experience, and encourage interaction.
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